MRI Review

The BNA MRI Review program is FREE to individuals who reside significantly outside of Colorado, USA and the communities in which our satellite offices are located, including Boulder, Brighton, Lafayette, Longmont and Louisville. Individuals who may not have local access to the highest level of personalized care have the ability to be treated by highly skilled and fellowship trained surgeons at Boulder Neurosurgical & Spine Associates (BNA). The reputable team of surgeons at BNA includes neurosurgeons dually trained in both orthopedic spine and neurological spine as well as brain surgery. Our experience and expertise includes, but is not limited to, the following: spinal reconstruction and scoliosis; neurosurgical oncology, including tumors of the pituitary gland; deep brain stimulation; vascular surgery and cerebrovascular disease, including aneurysms and arteriovenous malformations (AVM); and surgical epilepsy. Many procedures can be conducted via laser spine surgery or minimally invasive spine surgery. However, a formal diagnosis cannot be given until the patient has been seen in person.

At BNA we do not have a technician, assistant or other non-surgeon/non US-credentialed surgeon review patient films over the phone with the patient. Each potential patient’s films are reviewed by a board-certified or board-eligible neurosurgeon. The neurosurgeon will then personally call, answer questions, and discuss possible treatment options – including non-surgical options – based upon a preliminary interpretation of the MRI.

BNA surgeons strive to provide the most personalized, least invasive and highest-quality care to all patients whether through operative or non-operative treatment modalities. While the goal of our personalized care may include a minimally invasive procedure allowing for minimal time away from home the best suited care for a particular individual may take more or less time. During this time some patients suffering from spine-related conditions and injuries such as arthritis, failed back surgery and spinal stenosis can be relieved from pain using state-of-the-art, technologically advanced, minimally invasive, endoscopic procedures performed by a BNA surgeon.

Getting Started

  1. Please Fed-Ex/UPS a CD with your Dicom MRI images and report (and X-rays if you have them) to the attention of Sarah. Please include your phone number, mailing address, insurance information and a brief one paragraph description of your symptoms and any questions you would like the surgeon to address during your MRI review. Please track the films, and request a signature to ensure they arrive as scheduled. Once tracking has stated the package has arrived in our office, please call Sarah at 303.938.5700, or email and state your films have arrived for MRI review. Your films must be sent to the attention of Sarah in order to be processed correctly and expediently.
  2. Our mailing address is:
    4743 Arapahoe Ave., Ste. 202
    Boulder, CO 80303, USA
  3. Once we have your films and report, description of symptoms, phone number and mailing address a surgeon will strive to call you within 24 hours to discuss your concerns, needs and options. Please provide a phone number you are likely to answer at all times, as it is not possible to pre-determine when a surgeon will call you due to clinic and emergency cases. You will be called a maximum of three times before your request is disqualified.
  4. Should you choose not to schedule an office visit to begin surgery proceedings, if that is your recommended treatment, your films can be returned to an address specified by you via Fed-Ex, COD, upon your request.
  5. If you decide to schedule an in-office appointment for a formal diagnosis you will be sent a checklist to follow in order to proceed.
  6. Because BNA treats many out-of-area patients, we have this MRI Review program in place so that we can try to minimize your time away from home. Although uncommon, there is a possibility that your diagnosis may change after your in-office consult; all recommendations made prior to the in-person visit are preliminary only, subject to confirmation or change based upon in-person evaluation. BNA is not responsible for any costs incurred by a potential patient who, after in-person consultation, is determined for any reason not to be a candidate for further treatment from BNA, or who declines such treatment for any reason
  7. You may call Boulder Travel Agency at 303.443.0380 to arrange your flight and transportation. You may also visit for a complete lodging guide.
  8. The main office of BNA is located in the Anderson Medical Center on the Boulder Community Foothills Hospital campus at 4743 Arapahoe Ave., Ste. 202, Boulder, CO, 80303, USA – with satellite offices nearby in Brighton, Lafayette, Longmont and Louisville, Colorado, USA. We have secured special rates with Boulder Residence Inn, which is a short drive from our Boulder location.

Please see below for BNA special Boulder Residence Inn rates:

*Residence Inn provides HOT breakfast everyday and FREE internet*

For shuttle service to and/or from the airport call SuperShuttle at 800.BlueVan or save $6 by booking online at

* All patients are evaluated in-person before treatment is provided and medical conditions are unique to each individual. While the goal of BNA is to minimize out-of-area time for patients, there are certain circumstances that may arise which necessitate a prolonged or extensive preoperative work-up, such as for potential cardiac clearance. Preoperative work-up, patient informed consent and release, and patient follow-up will vary for each patient and each surgery and prospective patients should be prepared for the possibility that they may not be able to return home as quickly as they would like. Some surgeries require follow-up serial X-rays and in-person evaluations for up to two years or more, such as for tumor removal. In addition, the patient may require much more than outpatient surgical intervention. These potential issues are beyond our control and may not be evident from the preliminary MRI review. BNA reserves the right to decline to provide treatment based on the telephone consultation or the in-person evaluation, and cannot guaranty that a patient’s treatment will be completed within a specified time frame, regardless of the surgeon’s preliminary interpretation of the MRI. BNA is not responsible for any additional costs incurred due to a stay that exceeds the initial expected stay. BNA surgeons are specifically reviewing your case with regards to brain and spinal issues and NOT other organs, tissues or potentially related or unrelated problems. They are NOT radiologists and you are strongly advised to have your films formally read by a radiologist and for you to review that information and act on it accordingly. We may not have the radiology report available to us and even if we do, we do not always review that information; and we are not responsible for issues that were or were not picked identified by a radiologist.